"magnificent,slow strummed guitars with dreamy,echoed ambience.....blissfully narcotic..... almost every tune is a low-key wonder..." OPTION

"this is an incredible album.... just dripping with atmosphere and originality" PULSE

".....if I could use one word to describe, "A Little Bit Of Semi-Heaven",that word would be MASTERPIECE!" Headheritage (online magazine, UK)

".....noctiluscent and pensive, The Shangs cushion bittersweet pain with undeniable beauty......." CAKE Magazine USA

Welcome to The Jayne Room, the online home of The Shangs, the two man lounge/ambient/alternative band that had released several critically lauded CDs in the early 1990's and after a nine year hiatis, now working toward creative and exciting things in the near future. A spinoff of the 70's cult Canadian art-rock band, Simply Saucer, The Shangs;David Byers and Ed O'Neill have recently gained considerable attention on the worldwide video forum, Youtube, presenting more than 20 hand crafted videos of material dating back to their 1st release through to unreleased songs from the latter part of their initial active period in the 90's.Presently, they are working up songs and ideas for a new release early in 2008 and revisiting early material for a possible retrospective compilation CD. This site now offers discerning music fans worldwide, the opportunity to learn more about this mysterious, multi-faceted band and to sample some of their work both in the audio and video formats and now, too, The Shangs Store is open for those interested in purchasing CDs and memorabilia for their home libraries. Come and explore the secret world of The Shangs...............